How do I get a Master's Degree in Nursing Education?

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A master's degree in nursing education is a credential a person may pursue in preparation for a career in educating others. A person who decides to pursue this career may help to educate and train others through nurse training, community education, and staff development programs. He may also use this educational path to prepare for a career in administration or research. An individual who wants to pursue a master's degree in nursing education usually has to complete high school and earn a bachelor's degree in nursing before gaining admission to graduate school. The time it takes to earn this degree may vary depending on the person, but many people are able to earn their master's degrees in about two to three years after finishing the undergraduate degree.

Generally, a person who wants to earn a master's degree in nursing education has to earn a high school diploma or a jurisdiction-approved equivalent. After high school, an individual typically pursues a bachelor's degree in nursing before applying to graduate school. This is not always the case, however. There are some schools that have direct-entry programs that are designed to admit students who have bachelor's degrees in other subjects. There are even some that admit students who are registered nurses with associate's degrees; this type of option combines bachelor's degree and master's degree study into a program that usually lasts for about five years.


The exact requirements a person must meet to gain entry into a master's degree in nursing education program depend on the school in question. In most cases, however, a person must submit official college transcripts and take graduate school entrance exams. A master's degree candidate may also have to submit letters of recommendation, participate in interviews, and submit a personal essay. An individual pursuing this career may be asked to provide a copy of his nursing license, and some programs may require applicants to submit to background checks. Some master's degree programs may also require a person to have related work experience prior to admission.

An individual who wants to earn a master's degree in nursing education usually has a core of courses he must complete in preparation for his degree. This type of program may include courses such as Nursing Theory and Research or Advanced Community Health. He may also earn specialization credits with such courses as Curriculum Development in Nursing and Nursing Leadership and Health Policy. In addition to completing required coursework, a person interested in this career may have to complete a thesis or pass comprehensive exams.



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