How do I get a Line of Credit Online?

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To get a line of credit online, it is necessary to first research the type of credit you want, then fill out an application. It has become a relatively simple process to get a line of credit online, and if your credit history is acceptable, you can often receive an instant approval. Generally, the only type of credit you will be able to get entirely online is a credit card, though some other options may be available.

You may be able to get other loans by applying for a line of credit online, however. Sometimes, applications for student loans can be completed entirely online. Personal loans may be issued online as well. Auto loans or home loans such as mortgages or home equity lines of credit may be possible to be pre-approved online, but usually you will need to visit the bank in person in order to complete the line of credit application process.


Because the most common type of credit that is issued online is a credit card, you will want to do some research before applying for a line of credit online. Determine the interest rate of the credit card, the credit limit you may be able to get, as well as if the credit card offers any benefits such as cash back or a rewards program. Also determine whether or not the credit card requires a yearly fee or a minimum amount to be charged on the card. There are thousands of different credit cards available, so this research can take some time.

Once you have found the line of credit for which you want to apply, simply complete the application. Applications for lines of credit are generally pretty straightforward; they will require information such as name, birthdate, and social security number, as well as address and telephone number. Employment information will generally be required as well. You will typically need to give the company permission to check your credit report.

It is important to be honest on the application for a line of credit online. Once the application is completed and submitted, many companies will give an approval within a few minutes, and will soon mail your new credit card and agreement. If your credit history is poor, an approval may take longer, and you may receive a phone call from the company. You may also just be denied the line of credit and will need to apply elsewhere. Keep in mind that every time you apply for credit, it shows up on your credit report, so do not continually apply and get denied because it will only make your credit worse.



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