How do I get a Job in the Travel Industry?

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Jobs in the travel industry can be very widespread among its various aspects such as hotels, agencies, transportation and tourism, so it's important to plan a career path that suits your abilities as well as interests. While it's usually possible to work in different parts of the industry, the more specific experience you have in one travel field, the easier it can be to stand above the competition for jobs. Courses or a degree in hospitality, plus experience in the area of travel you're most passionate about can help you get work in the industry.

Unless you're starting with general travel industry courses, it's often a good idea to first contact businesses you hope to work for before choosing a career school. Your goal in this type of contact is to conduct informational interviews to ask possible future employers what type of employee skills they look for as well as the education they prefer. Knowing ahead of time what travel-related employers expect can help you better plan your education and industry career path.


No matter what your specific travel career path, it's important that you're passionate as well as knowledgeable. Since the entire travel industry relies on excellent customer service, attitude is crucial. A true passion for what you do can help you stand out to customers and employers by providing extraordinary service. Getting experience in providing top-notch service to customers in any field you work in, and hopefully receiving some references for this, can help you get the travel job you want.

Internships are generally offered in the travel field on a regular basis. If you are looking for a good travel school, picking one with an internship program can help you prepare to work in the industry. Learning basic travel industry skills and making contacts that may benefit you in your ongoing career can be beneficial outcomes of a internship. Travel internships may be up to six months, or more or less, depending on your country and the particular business. Gaining experience in customer service by working with travelers is often possible by taking a summer job at a tourist attraction in your area such as a museum or park.

While communicating with tourists is beneficial in all careers in tourism, if you want to work in a travel agency, gaining office experience is also essential. Being able to use computer software and function well in an office setting are skills travel agency hiring managers will expect in even entry-level jobs. Applying directly at travel agencies can help you gain interview experience as well as get a better idea of each company's hiring requirements. Registering your name and skills at a reputable travel industry employment agency that offers no-cost registration may also help you get a travel-based job.



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