How do I get a Job in Elementary Education?

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Before you begin a search for a job in elementary education, you will need to make sure you are qualified for such positions. This means obtaining a bachelor's degree, either in elementary education or in another field, and then getting all the appropriate certifications for teaching in your area. Requirements to become a teacher will vary from region to region, so be sure to check with the local school district for their requirements. Once you have all the necessary credentials, it is time to research job openings in your area and decide which one will be the best fit for you.

One of the requirements to become a teacher is to do student teaching or otherwise spend time in a classroom teaching under someone else's guidance. This is great for experience, but it is also a great way to get a job in elementary education because it will allow you to establish contacts at schools. Many schools will fill elementary education positions by hiring people who already have an established relationship with students, so if you do your student teaching at a school, there is a possibility you may be hired full time once you are certified. If the school does not hire you, other teachers or administrators may be able to help you find other available positions at other schools.


Searching the local school district's website or job board is a good place to start finding jobs in elementary education. Apply for several, and be sure to visit each school if possible. If you get an interview, make sure you ask many questions, both about the school in general and specific programs. If possible, talk to other teachers at the school to get their feedback on the teaching environment at that school. Ask them about particular challenges to teaching at the school, as well as the best parts of teaching there.

If you are just graduating from college with a degree in elementary education, take advantage of any career counseling or placement services within your college and the education department. Once you are certified to teach, the college or university you attended may be able to help you secure employment by giving you job leads, helping you with interview preparation, and even establishing contacts and local schools. Find out what services are offered through your college and use those services to your advantage. Most importantly, remember that applying for a job, and even securing an interview, does not mean you will be hired, so be persistent and apply at more than one school.



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