How do I get a High Limit Credit Card?

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Earning a high credit limit is a goal for just about everyone who opens a credit card account. While it is certainly possible to apply for and receive a high limit credit card, the task does require a careful assessment of finances in advance, taking care to examine several aspects before actually submitting a credit card application or requesting a credit limit increase on an existing account. Among these factors is the need to look closely at the current income level, the ratio that exists between current debt and that income, and the past payment history of the applicant.

Many people understand that institutions issuing high limit credit card accounts do look closely at the current credit rating. What some don’t realize is that creditors are also interested in other data, sometimes giving those factors as much or even more importance than the current credit score. One example is the current income level. While an individual may have a high credit score, based on paying current obligations on time, the creditor may determine that extending a high limit credit card at that time is not in the best interests of either party, since the amount of monthly income generated by the applicant is under a certain amount.


Along with the amount of income generated, individuals who want to receive a high limit credit card must also maintain what creditors consider a healthy income to debt ratio. This simply means that the applicant has enough income to comfortably manage all current obligations, and is not likely to encounter any great difficulty if granted that high limit credit card. Interestingly enough, some creditors will consider this aspect the most important of all, and will grant a credit card with a high credit limit even if the individual may have had some problems in the past, but now has a much higher income and is managing his or her obligations with relative ease.

All this means is that in order to get a high limit credit card, it is important to make sure your income is at a desirable level that clearly indicates that you can manage the limit effectively, your current obligations are up to date, and that even if you’ve had some credit issues in the past, your current income level is such that there is every reason to think that granting the card will not cause any significant financial difficulties. When considering different types of credit cards, always look closely at the terms and conditions, and shop around to see where you can get the highest limit. Factors that cause concern to one issuer may not be very important to a different issuer. Assuming that the terms and interest rates are similar, you may soon find yourself with a high limit credit card that is exactly at the level you had in mind.



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