How do I get a Graduate Degree in Business?

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A graduate degree in business can be an important step in establishing a business career in many different fields. There are many types of grad degrees in business available, with many schooling options tailored to specific areas of interest. In order to get a graduate degree in business, a person must apply and be accepted to a graduate program, study hard to pass all required classes, and fulfill additional requirements as needed by the program. A graduate degree in business takes time, effort, and hard work, but can be the way to open doors in the business world.

Most, but not all, graduate business programs will require an undergraduate degree of some kind. This degree may not be in business, but will typically be a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. While some schools may accept applicants without a formal degree, these scholars will typically receive a certificate of completion rather than a graduate degree upon completion of schooling.

Another requirement at some schools is a standardized test called the Graduate Management Admission Test® or GMAT®. This assessment test focuses on basic writing and mathematics skills; it is not a test of business knowledge, though may use business examples in some questions. Some experts recommend studying carefully for the test using practice tests easily found online or hiring a tutor. The GMAT® can give potential schools an idea of a student's ability and skill and may factor into acceptance decisions.


One important thing to consider when trying to get a graduate degree in business is future career plans. There are a wide variety of tailored programs available for qualified students. Some programs offer graduate business degrees in communications, sports management, commerce, international business, and even real estate. For a student with a well-planned career path, a specialized graduate business degree may be a great launching pad into the business world.

Many universities also offer a more general master's of business arts (MBA) degree that gives students a variety of training opportunities. This degree course may be better for students with a range of interests in both the business world and beyond. An MBA can be a gateway not only to business opportunities but also a future in government, media, or public life.

Once accepted to a university program, students typically take classes in subjects that prove vital in the business world. Common classes include accounting, leadership, courses in government regulation, management, and finances. Internships are an important part of many graduate business programs, giving students an opportunity to study the field on the ground level as well as make valuable contacts for later in their careers.

Although many graduate degree programs are offered for full time students, some universities also have programs that allow part time students to achieve a graduate degree in business. Choosing a part-time or online program allows people with full-time jobs, families, or other obligations to continue their education on a more flexible schedule and time frame. Although meeting all graduation requirements will take longer on a part-time schedule, this can be an excellent way to achieve a degree without being a full-time student.



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