How do I get a Custom Carpet?

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Custom carpeting can add a lot to the look and feel of a room. While mass-produced rugs and carpets are fine, they can’t compare to a custom carpet that you design yourself or have designed for you by a professional. There are essentially two ways to go about getting that custom carpet you want and achieving just the right balance in your room décor.

For many people, getting a custom carpet involves consulting with a carpet designer. Designers of this type are skilled in helping clients get an idea of what they would like for a room, capturing the vision of that desired look, and translating it into a finished product. While using a designer to come up with a unique rug design is more expensive than simply selecting something already in stock at a local store, you have the benefit of having someone guide you toward the creation of something you will enjoy for many years.

In some cases, the client may already have a general idea for the design of the custom carpet. This may include elements such as the color scheme, pattern, and even the nap of the carpeting itself. Designers can help translate that rough idea into a finished sketch that is clear, concise, and will make it much easier to determine if that look is really what you want for the room.


Once the design for the custom carpet is completed, the designer will work with a manufacturer to make the dream become reality. Keep in mind this process may take several weeks once the order is placed. The delivery time will depend a lot on the complexity of the design, the selection of nap and fiber options, and any other factors that are relevant to the creation of the final product. Generally, the designer can give you a decent idea of how long the process will take, but setting the final delivery date may be impossible until just before the shipping takes place.

As with any type of customer flooring, make sure the professionals who design and create your custom carpet provide you with a working contract or agreement. As you read through the terms, make sure you have the right to refuse the custom flooring if the carpet does not live up to the design you approved. This will save a lot of time and money on the back end, if there is some sort of miscommunication. Generally, you can opt to either have the custom carpet shipped directly to your home or to the designer’s studio, where you can view the carpeting together and make sure you are both happy with the result.



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