How Do I Get a Bachelor of Software Engineering Degree?

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A bachelor of software engineering degree is useful for someone intending to have a career in computer programming. People with such a degree often find work as a software programmer or software engineer, an application developer or analyst, or as a systems analyst. Obtaining a bachelor of software engineering degree involves being very good with computer technology and fulfilling all requirements of the degree program, including passing classes in computer languages, computer networking and upper-level math. An internship in a related field also may be required.

One of the first steps on your way to obtaining a bachelor of software engineering degree is making sure you meet the requirements to enter the degree program. You typically need a high school diploma or its equivalent, often with a strong grade point average. Though not required, you may find it helpful to pay particular attention to math, science, and computing classes during high school, because many students looking into the software engineering field have a strong interest in these subjects and may even take advanced courses before college, giving them a bit of advantage going in.


The program in which you enroll will have specific course requirements in both general academics and in areas specific to the bachelor of software engineering degree. These generally include a few classes involving different computer languages. You also are likely to need to take courses that teach the basic principles of computing, software engineering and mathematics within this major. As you continue in your studies, you may need to enroll in courses that focus on advanced computer programming skills, programming design and computer networking. Like most other college majors, you are likely to be expected to take a few science, writing and elective courses so you can get a well-rounded education.

During your last year or two in college, you typically need to take part in an internship before you can get your bachelor of software engineering degree. You usually can apply at both large and small software companies that can use your expertise in software engineering and, because you typically will be supervised during the internship, your payment likely will be minimal or nonexistent. The experience, however, should serve to get you acquainted with the industry while also assisting you in making connections that might help you find a job after you earn a bachelor of software engineering degree. Some schools may require you to complete a thesis on software engineering, usually during your last year, because this allows you to showcase what you have learned, though some schools put off the thesis requirement until graduate school.



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