How Do I Get a Bachelor of Computer Engineering?

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Getting a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering usually requires attending a school with a specific program for this purpose. Generally, four years of study are required to obtain the degree, but it is possible to complete such a degree program in two or three years at certain schools. These accelerated programs, however, are not as common as the standard four year programs. Most schools which offer this degree require at least three core curriculum components: electronics and hardware, computer programming, and courses that teach the social and business skills that computer engineers often need.

In order to obtain a Bachelor's of Computer Engineering, a student must display a strong knowledge of the hardware level operations of electronic circuits and computer processors. The hardware and electronics component of the program usually consists of courses which teach the functions of electronic components and how to properly design them.

The required computer hardware and electronics courses usually focus on familiarizing students with computer hardware and circuit design. Students must learn how to design functioning computer hardware. It is usually expected that computer engineering students will prove their ability to diagnose and repair faulty computer hardware as well as to discern flawed circuit design and correct it.


Software courses that are required for the Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree teach students how programming languages interact with computer hardware. Usually, an introduction to machine language is included in these courses. Other programming languages including Java, C or C++ are often included as well.

Many Bachelor of Computer Engineering programs have a strong programming component. Students are usually given the choice of which languages to study after learning the basics of the interactions between hardware and software. They often study those programming languages which most closely match their software design interests and career goals.

Computer engineers need non-technical job skills in order to successfully apply their technical skills in the workplace, and computer engineering programs usually require at least some coursework in these subjects. The business and social skills component of a Bachelor of Computer Engineering program usually focuses on those aspects of the computer engineer’s career that involve working in office environments. These courses can include communications, public speaking, and management. Some universities also require an internship.

Upon completion of their required studies, students may be required to submit a bachelor's thesis. The thesis, which typically ranges from 40 to 60 pages in length, is expected to demonstrate the student's mastery of the knowledge obtained for their coursework. Successful completion of the thesis is the final requirement for a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree.



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