How Do I Fix a Sagging Eye?

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Depending on the cause of a sagging eye, it can be fixed through surgical correction or medication. Surgical intervention is usually needed if the sagging eye is caused by aging or nerve damage. Medications are effective when the sagging is caused by an allergic reaction. If you cannot have surgery for other medical reasons, ask a doctor about getting special eyeglasses to hold up the eye. Also be sure to contact a medical professional about unexplained sagging eyes.

Aging causes your skin to become less firm and buoyant. The breasts, underarm skin, and eyes are common parts of the body where drooping is noticeable. Sometimes drooping lids are so severe that they interfere with vision. This is usually when people opt for treatment, because it affects their quality of life. You will need to contact a cosmetic surgeon to have this surgery performed.

A sagging eye due to nerve damage is more complicated to fix, but still possible through surgical correction. The nerve itself cannot be fixed, so the surgery focuses on making your eyes look cosmetically normal in addition to functioning without pain or difficulty. You may also need an implant in your eye to help with normal functioning. Recovery is similar to eyelid surgery for aging eyes, and you will be advised to always wear sunglasses outdoors.


Sometimes a sagging eye is an allergic reaction to a beauty product or food. Take notice of swelling in any other body parts and try to determine the severity. Make note of any new products or foods you consumed recently. Call your doctor to get advice on what kind of over-the-counter medication to take. If the swelling seems particularly severe — for example, you have difficulty swallowing or breathing — call emergency medical services.

Some people are not good candidates for surgery because of health problems. If you cannot obtain surgery for a permanent sagging eye, you may need to contact an eye doctor for special glasses. These glasses are designed to hold up a sagging eye or two so that your vision is not affected. They can be made with your current prescription or an updated one.

If you do not know the cause of your sagging eye, talk to a doctor. He or she may also be able to recommend a treatment that does not involve medication or surgery. Do not wait until the problem worsens, because it will take that much more effort to fix it.



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