How do I Firm Buttocks?

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There are many exercises a person can perform in order to work toward a firmer buttocks. Often, people who are looking to firm this part of the body use a combination of cardio exercise, which is aerobic exercise that elevates the heart rate, and strength training to achieve this goal. For example, a person may do squats, lunges, and one-legged dead lifts to work toward achieving a firmer backside. He may also take an aerobics class or try exercises such as bicycling, jogging, or even running for the cardio side of things. Additionally, avoiding overeating may help to keep flab and excess fat to a minimum.

Squats are among the exercises a person might do to achieve a firm buttocks. This exercise involves standing with the feet about hip-width apart, bending at the knees, and lowering into a squat before pressing down with the heels to stand up again. While performing this exercise, a person should keep his knees behind his toes for good form and keep his abdominal muscles tight. Some people may hold weights at shoulder level while performing this exercise. An individual hoping for a firmer backside may do one to three sets of squats, with 15 repetitions each.


Lunges are also a popular option for those who want firm buttocks. To do lunges, a person starts with one foot out in front of him and the other foot about three feet back. Then, the exerciser bends at the knees, which serves to lower his body toward the ground, before he pushes with the heel of the foot that is in front of him to return to his starting position. For proper form when doing lunges, a person should keep his abdominal muscles contracted and make sure he lowers his body straight toward the ground and doesn’t lean forward instead. Some people add to the intensity of their workout by holding weights at their sides while they do lunges, performing up to three sets of 15 repetitions each.

Step ups can also help a person to achieve firm buttocks. To perform these exercises, a person starts out by facing the step and then puts one foot on the step, pushing into the heel of that foot to raise his body onto the step. The opposite leg comes up to only lightly touch the step when he does this and is essentially used for balance. He slowly steps back down and repeats this action for one to three sets of 15 repetitions, changing to place a different leg on the step when starting a new set. A person may hold weights at his side while performing this movement in order to increase the intensity of the exercise.

An individual may also engage in cardio exercises to work toward achieving a firm buttocks region. Among the exercises that are good for the buttocks region are running, bicycling, hiking, and kickboxing. Even walking can prove helpful for firming the buttocks, especially when the exerciser spends a significant amount of time walking up hill or climbing stairs.



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