How do I Find Volunteer Tourism Opportunities?

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There are many resources for people who are interested in volunteer tourism, but the best way to find these opportunities is to identify an organization or group of organizations you are particularly keen to work with. A simple Internet search for "volunteer tourism" will yield pages of links to websites that offer this specific kind of travel experience. It is therefore important to research an organization before signing up to travel to a distant corner of the earth to become a volunteer. Many people rely on other organizations they know and trust to do this vetting for them. Many people sign up for volunteer tourism opportunities sponsored by their schools or their places of worship.

Before choosing a volunteer tourism trip, it is important to get a clear picture of how much money the trip will cost. It is also important to understand the kind of work that will be required of the volunteers, because not everyone is up to the challenge of spending many days performing heavy manual labor. Any website can put up quotes from previous volunteers that may be taken out of context. If an organization offering volunteer tourism has an office in your city, take a trip to the office and speak with the people working there as this will help to get a better understanding of the financial and physical commitments that volunteers must make.


It is also important to consider what kind of volunteer work you want to do. There are organizations that focus on volunteer opportunities for people who want to work on community building, others for people who want to volunteer in the field of education, and others still for people who have medical training and are willing to share their skills. There are also a number of volunteer tourism opportunities for people who want to assist those in need while also spreading specific religious messages.

Once you have identified the type of volunteer work that you would like to do and created a list of promising volunteer tourism opportunities, it makes good sense to speak to former volunteers. This is a good way to prepare for the trip and the make it a success. It is also a good way to choose among volunteer opportunities.



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