How do I Find the Best Autism Camp?

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Choosing the best autism camp involves knowing your child, and making sure the child's needs are met as well as possible. Given the range of conditions that fall under the general umbrella of autism, finding a camp that is flexible enough to deal with a wide range of children is good. Also, consider the interests of your child. Of course, any special health or dietary concerns should also be taken into account when looking at various autism camps.

One of the most important things an autism camp can do is employ a knowledgeable staff that has experience dealing with special needs children. Autism, in particular, can show itself through aggression and temper outbursts. Staff should be aware of these things, and understand how to de-escalate situations. If some type of physical intervention is needed, staff should be well trained in dealing with children in ways that will not cause injury.

Autism summer camps may either be day camps or overnight camps. If you have an autistic child, and have never let them go somewhere overnight, this can be a scary thing for both parent and child. Ask the camp how it deals with that situation, and what type of advice it can give you to make that transition easier for the child. If this information is not available, that camp may not be the right one for your situation.


Many autistic children have other ailments that require them to be on special diets, or are on such a diet to help lessen symptoms of autism. Ask the autism camp if it has the ability to deal with the special dietary requirements that your child requires. Given the specific dietary needs that many autistic children have, a good autism camp will provide you with options.

Another thing to consider is the type of activities that the autism camp offers, and the safety procedures it has in place. Camps for autistic children may offer swimming, hiking, exercise, speech therapy, games, art and crafts, time interacting with animals, field trips, and other such activities. These activities should be age appropriate. What must be avoided is having the autistic child become bored and frustrated while at the camp.

If going to a camp with mixed ages concerns you, then ask if the autism camp has weeks for children specifically in the age range of your child. This not only provides for a safer atmosphere, but could allow the child to make some better friends as well, if he or she maintains those social interactions. Some camps may offer specific periods just for males or females as well.

In the end, if your child is verbal, you could also ask what he or she wants in a camp experience. If they have already been to a camp, just letting them talk about their experience should help indicate whether they had a good time. In the end, you and your child must both be comfortable with the camp chosen. Hopefully, camp will be an experience in which they can grow and also have a great deal of fun.



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