How do I Find Someone to Help with Electrical Wiring?

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There are a number of resources which can be used to find help with electrical wiring. Because wiring can potentially be extremely dangerous, it is important to make sure that installations and repairs are done properly. In addition to being safer, proper electrical work will also conform with the electrical code, a legal requirement in many regions of the world. Code violations can make something like a house harder to sell, and they can also result in fines and other penalties.

For simple electrical problems, a licensed contractor may be able to help. For example, most contractors are capable of installing new light fixtures, wiring switches, and doing other basic tasks. For more extensive wiring issues, people should plan on using an electrician or electrical contractor. Rewiring a home, establishing wiring in a new structure, or dealing with electrical problems usually requires the skills of an electrician, someone who specializes in electrical wiring specifically.

Contractors and electricians are usually listed in the phone book. When calling someone to ask for electrical work, the caller should ask for the contractor or electrician's license, and get an idea of the kind of fees which will be charged. He or she should also describe the problem and indicate whether or not it is an emergency, so that the contractor knows what to expect when he or she arrives on site.


Consumers should take the time to look up the license number of the contractor or electrician, to confirm that he or she is in good standing and is properly certified. Reputable construction professionals are always happy to provide their license numbers, along with information about how long they have been in the business, and what kind of training they received. For a big job, it is also not unreasonable to request references. If a contractor gets nervous or upset when questioned about qualifications, he or she is not a good choice.

While using the phone book can be a great start, there are some other options to think about when finding someone to help with electrical wiring issues. Asking friends and neighbors about who they like to use may yield a list of recommendations and people to avoid. Reviews of electricians and contracting services can also be found online in some areas. Realtors and other real estate professionals can also be a good source for recommendations, because they often need to work with contractors.

Some electricians are happy to work with people who want to learn more about their own electrical wiring and how to fix basic problems. Others prefer to be left alone to do their work so that they can focus and do the job efficiently. For people who want a more hands-on approach, it's a good idea to ask the electrician if he or she is amenable to providing some instruction and tips.

When asking for help with electrical wiring, people should always ask for a written estimate of the cost of the work, and how long it will take. Although it is not uncommon for a job to deviate from the estimate as new information emerges, the estimate creates a starting point of reference which can be beneficial to everyone involved.



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