How do I Find Recommended Plumbers?

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Choosing a plumber can be a daunting task. With dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of choices in the yellow pages, selecting a plumber can be an overwhelming experience for someone who is already under the stress of a plumbing problem. However, anyone can easily come across recommended plumbers if they simply know where and how to look for them.

Good recommended plumbers come with a price tag. Great plumbers don't necessarily cost a lot of money, but they do require an investment of time and diligence. Serious research has to be done so that homeowners don't hire plumbers who are unqualified to perform repairs on their plumbing systems.

Some of the best plumbers can found through simple word of mouth. A plumber's reputation is likely the best indicator of his talent with remedying plumbing issues. Plumbers who get the job done fast and right are usually the most well-known and popular in home owner circles.

Homeowners would do well to start their search for recommended plumbers by interviewing friends and family. Friends and family can be objective in their assessments of a plumber's work, since they have no motivation to give the plumber more business if he or she cannot perform the job. Close associates may also be able to relay personal experiences and testimonials.


People who live in neighboring homes can also provide a list of recommended plumbers. An advantage of consulting with neighbors is that they may have experienced the same types of plumbing problems. They may have also already done most of the research required to hire a good plumber who is familiar with the city or neighborhood's building code requirements.

Real estate agents are another potential source for recommended plumbers. Due to the nature of their job, real estate agents have to stay on top of home repair and maintenance issues. They are very likely to have had to call on a plumber for work purposes and can recommend plumbers based on their experiences and specific plumbing issues. Additional references may also be able to be obtained from a real estate agent, as it's not uncommon for agents to recommend plumbers to each other.

However, home owners should be aware that hiring a handyman plumber is ill-advised. Novice plumbers are not usually licensed or equipped to handle the delicate nature of plumbing systems. Emergency plumbers should be professionals, as taking a risk on a handyman plumber can result in extensive and expensive damage to the already-compromised plumbing system.



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