How do I Find Mobile Home Insurance?

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Often, finding good mobile home insurance, or RV insurance, can be a difficult thing to do. Some insurance carriers will be happy to insure your RV just as they would any other auto insurance policy, but in many cases these car insurance policies come far short of truly addressing what you need. Mobile home owners have specific needs. Therefore, they may need a specific kind of agent or agency.

The first step to finding mobile home insurance is understanding what type of policy you may need. If you only use your mobile home occasionally, then perhaps all you will need is a standard auto policy. This is likely to be the most expensive auto policy you will ever have, given the value of the vehicle being insured. Still, the protections are standard enough. However, for those who live in their RVs full time, mobile home insurance will take on an entirely different level.

Perhaps the best way to find good mobile home insurance is to start with an agency that specifically caters to your needs. There are plenty of online businesses offering RV insurance. With just a simple keyword, or business name, research, reviews on most of these are readily available. It is a good idea to avoid any company for whom reviews are not readily available.


Further, the decision on mobile home insurance should not be based on advertising alone. Rather, the mobile home insurance needs to be based on a clear vision of what the company can provide you, its reliability and its commitment to its customers. In some cases, even with reviews, it may be hard to sort out the good companies from the bad.

That is why many people tend to go with a company and an agent they already know. Many have their home, life and auto insurance through the same company. Those who are self-employed may even have their health insurance through the same company or agent. Those kinds of relationships are hard to replace. Ask your agent what types of policies are available for RVs. If you plan on living in your mobile home full time, ask if he or she can insure based on that arrangement. If you desire a policy that not only protects the vehicle and injuries, but contents as well, tell the agent that.

Choosing good mobile home insurance is often a long and difficult process. However, the peace of mind and benefits gained from making the right decision will be the payoff in the end. Above all, be patient in your search and always remember the investment you made in your RV is worth protecting.



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