How do I Find International Jobs?

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One of the best things about the Internet is that you can search job listings that are posted all around the world. In addition to searching for jobs that are located in your area or your native country, you can also search for open positions all over the globe. Also, if you are interested in living and working outside of your home country, you can limit your search to job listings for international jobs.

Say, for example, that you are interested in moving to Hong Kong. You can use the well-known website to begin your search for a job. However, the website to use in this case would be This is the site dedicated to jobs in Hong Kong. Monster has other sites dedicated to many other countries as well. Also, give Craigslist a look. Craigslist has job postings for cities all over the globe. Both of these websites are great places to start.

While there may be many international jobs posted on the Internet, it is important to know that moving to a foreign country for work can be a complicated endeavor. It is important to research what you should expect to pay in taxes in your home country as well as your foreign country of residence. Furthermore, every country has different codes by which individuals can obtain and keep working visas. Be sure to have a plan to get and maintain your work visa before taking a job and moving to another country.


If you are interested in international jobs but don't want to deal with figuring out working visas and foreign and national taxes, consider working for a company or organization that regularly hires people for international jobs. You may, actually, be able to work for your home country while living overseas by working for your consulate or embassy. The United States, for example, often has positions available, especially for family members of the United States Government who have been posted overseas. By working for your government, you will likely be able to find someone to clarify the tax codes for you. Also, as your government would be your employer, it is likely that this situation would make getting a working visa quite easy if even necessary. Another organization that is familiar with hiring individuals to work overseas is the Peace Corps.

If, while searching for international jobs, you find a company that you are quite interested in working for, contact their human resources department and ask if they are willing to assist employees with working visas.



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