How do I Find Individual Health Insurance?

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The task of finding and securing individual health insurance is on the minds of many people today. As employers look for ways to cut costs, dropping group insurance plans is often one of the first steps taken. In addition, as more people choose to work for themselves, they must assume full responsibility for purchasing their own insurance coverage. Here are some tips on how you can find the type of health insurance that will work for you.

The need to locate quality individual health insurance is especially important in countries that do not have any type of socialized or national health program. Fortunately, this is not quite as difficult as it once was. Today, there is more competition among health care insurance providers to earn the business of individual consumers. This has led to the creation of a number of different types of health plans, all with different deductibles and monthly premiums.

A good place to begin looking for providers that write individual health insurance policies is with the government agency that oversees the operation of insurance carriers in your area. In the United States, this is often handled through a regulatory agency operating at state level. You can quickly find out which providers are licensed to offer individual coverage in your state. With list in hand, you can begin to make contact with any of the providers you choose.


There is even a way for US citizens to maintain health insurance coverage in the event that employment is terminated for any reason. The COBRA program allows individuals to maintain their coverage for a period of time while they make other arrangements. However, participating in the program can be somewhat expensive. For that reason, many people choose to expedite the task of finding and securing individual health insurance as soon as possible.

In countries where there is no national health system, it is not unusual for consumers to augment the coverage provided by the government with a limited private policy. In many cases, the augmentation focuses on health services that are not covered under the terms of the national program, or that are only partially paid under the terms of the program. Since each nation that utilizes some type of socialized or nationalized medical insurance program varies, it is a good idea to consult with government officials to determine which independent insurance providers are recognized in that country. Once you have an idea of which companies are allowed to write individual health insurance policies in the country of residence, you can begin to contact each one and request a health insurance quote.

Keep in mind that there is often the need to address such issues as preexisting conditions, the age and general health of the applicant, and even the location where the applicant resides. Most companies that write individual health insurance policies do have specific criteria that each applicant must meet before being accepted into a program. Make sure you understand what requirements are in place, how much the premiums will be, and the amount of any applicable deductibles that must be met in order for the coverage to begin paying your healthcare providers.



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