How do I Find Geologist Work?

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People who train as geologists find work in many different specialty areas. A geologist might go on to become a surveyor, a professor, a paleoceanographer, a volcanologist, or an architect. There are several different ways you can go about seeking geologist work. The resources for finding geologist work include books, general Internet job listings or other job posting sites, geology-focused sites that include job listings, and career services at your alma mater.

One book that can help you find geologist work is Great Jobs for Geology Majors by Blythe Camenson. This book can help you fine-tune your job search, and also give advice for resumes and cover letters. Also check out Great Jobs for Environmental Studies Majors by Julie DeGalan, as well as Careers in the Environment by Mike Fasulo and Paul Walker—not as focused on your field, but still possibly helpful.

When doing job searches on general career sites, use advanced search to narrow your focus to geologist work. You can bookmark your special search or make it a favorite—how you do this exactly will depend on your browser—so that you can easily return to it whenever you wish. Alternatively, you could try looking at websites of the state and federal governments with many jobs and filtering for geologist jobs.


Sites with a geology focus will offer a wide range of geological information along with a job search option. One difference between this type of site and a general career site is that you get more specialized job information about different types of geology work by employer or by field. For example, some geology job sites distinguishe faculty positions, government agencies, oil and gas companies, state surveys, mineral companies, and environmental and engineering jobs. This type of site is a good resource because it’s completely invested in geologists and their work.

The career center at your college or university, on the other hand, is a good resource because it’s completely invested in you. Although it doesn’t focus solely on geologist work, its purpose is to help a select group of people of which you are one. These centers usually feature job listings aimed particularly at graduates, career counselors, and on-campus recruiting. They often have facilities for you to upload and submit your resume and application on their website, as well as providing in-person service.



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