How do I Find Corporate Short Term Housing?

Corporate short term housing refers to a housing situation in which you do not have to sign a lease for a long period of time. Many landlords will require a lease of at least a month, although a one year lease is more common, as it can be time consuming and expensive for landlords to continually find new renters. As a result, those who have to relocate frequently for jobs or who have to live in a place only for a brief period of time may have difficulty finding a place to live. Corporate short term housing provides a solution to this problem, allowing a person to have an apartment for a brief period of time — from several weeks to several months — without making a longer term commitment.

The first place to find corporate short term housing is to consult with the human resources department of the corporation responsible for the relocation. Often, a business that relocates personnel frequently will have knowledge of short term housing rentals in the areas where staff are located. Some apartment buildings or condominium buildings cater to the short term housing market and have established relationships with companies. This is the simplest solution, as the corporation can take care of the rental arrangements and all of the details associated with securing the housing.

If the corporation does not offer this service, a search of the Internet or phone book to look for corporate short term rentals can also turn up buildings that specialize in corporate short term housing. Often, the apartments are fully stocked — including dishes and linens — to assist those who travel frequently for work and who may not wish to purchase these items new or move them to each city. This too can be a simple solution since everything will be provided and the cost and expense of moving will be minimized.

If a corporate short term rental is not available in the city, consider using classifieds and roommate searches to find apartments for sublet. Individuals going away on vacation or for their own work needs may offer their own apartments on a short term lease on a weekly or monthly basis for the time they will be away. One of these short term sublets can be a good option if the timing works out. However, it is important to ensure that the apartment can be sublet for the entire time an employee plans to be in the area to avoid the employee needing to move during his short time in that particular city.


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I do not recommend consulting human resources or real estate agents to find corporate housing. Neither of these groups are in that business. I suggest using the internet and google maps. Online sites are extremely useful for finding sublets, temporary housing, furnished apartments and corporate rentals.

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