How do I Find a Telecommuting Job?

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A telecommuting job allows the employee to work at least a portion of the time from a home office. Telecommuting relies on the use of a computer, telephone, and Internet access. The most common types of telecommuting jobs are administrative in function, ranging from sales professionals to data entry clerks.

When looking for a telecommuting job, start with your current employer. This is the ideal scenario for most people, as this arrangement provides an opportunity for a position with benefits. Make a business case to shift your position to a part-time telecommuting role. There are three points that are critical to the success of your proposal: job suitability, reduced office expenses, and ability to monitor productivity.

In order to be considered a suitable candidate for this type of work, your job must have several independent tasks. Jobs that require teamwork, close collaboration with colleagues, brainstorming and other group activities are not a good fit. Computer- or telephone-based jobs are ideal.

Each employee’s workstation has certain fixed costs associated with it. Employees who telecommute two or three days a week can share a single workstation. This reduces the amount of office space required and ensures that equipment is not idle.


The main reason for management’s reluctance to move towards telecommuting is a concern over employee productivity. The easiest way to alleviate this concern is to complete a gradual transition into telecommuting. Provide a list of activities or tasks that have a specific outcome. Creating reports, processing requests or responding to customer inquiries are all activities that lend themselves to productivity metrics. Arrange for a pilot project where a set of agreed-upon tasks can be completed from the home office.

To find a telecommuting job with another employer, a different type of job search is required. The majority of telecommuting positions are posted on specialty career job boards. To find these boards, look for telecommute or home office in your Internet search engine. Never pay money to access a job board or to apply for a position. Legitimate companies do not require payment.

The most common type of telecommuting job is not salary-based, but freelance or piece work. These types of opportunities provide a great deal of freedom, but they require you to provide your own equipment and Internet connection. Evaluate your skills and look for job boards that support telecommuting as an option.

Prepare your resume for a telecommuting job by focusing on your productivity, efficiency, and dedication. If you have a home office, include the details of the software and equipment in your resume and cover letter. Indicate the number of hours per week you are available and your standard hours of work.



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