How do I Find a City Community Garden?

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Community gardens are growing in popularity in many locations around the world. In some cases, the gardens are helping to transform urban areas by utilizing vacant lots to plant fresh vegetables, with nearby residents tending sections of the garden in exchange for the produce. This community activity can also be used as a way to raise money for a given cause or simply as part of a self help program for citizens of the community. If the idea of participating in a city community garden is appealing, here are some ideas on where to find one in your area.

One of the best places to begin your search for a community garden is with your local neighborhood association. Often, they will have access to data on any gardens established in the surrounding area, as well information on how to contact whatever organization is sponsoring the urban gardening project. If there is not one in the area, your call could help spur the association to consider establishing this type of garden in your neighborhood.

It is not uncommon for a city community garden to be sponsored by the local municipality. When this is the case, the garden is planted on property belonging to the city. In larger metropolitan areas, there may be several gardens located on city owned property, making it possible for more people to participate in the projects.


Non-profit agencies sometimes create a city community garden as a way to generate support for a charity or some local community initiative. As with the gardens operated by municipalities, a non-profit entity may establish the garden on property owned by the group, or work with other entities within the community to secure space for the garden. You can often find community gardening projects like these by calling the local offices of non-profit organizations, churches, and other houses of worship in your area.

As the city community garden initiative continues to expand, national organizations devoted to community gardening have begun to form. These associations serve as a means of providing information about all gardens currently in operation anywhere in the country. Interested parties can often visit the national association website and access a listing of gardens found in various cities, states, or provinces within a given country. Often, there is either an email address or a contact telephone number that can be used to make contact with whomever is sponsoring a local garden project.

It is important to note that not all city community garden projects are open to everyone. In some cases, participation may be limited to people who live within a given distance of the garden site, or people who fall into a specific economic bracket. When making contact with a local community garden, make sure to find out what qualifications must be met in order to participate in the garden project.



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