How do I File a Road Accident Claim?

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A road accident claim is a report to an insurance company regarding a car or vehicle accident. Making a road accident claim is an important step in post-accident procedure that may have a strong influence on any proceedings that follow. Though insurance companies have varying policies on what information is necessary to fill out an accident claims, many require basic personal information, a description of the accident, and pertinent details regarding injuries or damages.

Road accident claims are usually available through the insurance company. Though paper road accident claim forms can be mailed or picked up at branch offices, most large companies also offer an online claim form. This may be the fastest way to ensure that details of a road accident reach the insurance company as fast as possible. Some experts recommend following up an online filing with a phone call to ensure that the details have reached the company and are being reviewed.

Basic personal information is required on almost any type of road accident claim form. The name, contact information, and insurance information of every person involved in the accident is important to have on hand. Getting insurance information from everyone allows the insurance companies to liaise and manage competing claims. The filing party will also need his or her own insurance policy number.


Most accident claims will request a brief description of the accident. Important details may include when and where the accident happened, how the accident occurred, and if anyone was injured. If medical, police, or fire professionals were summoned, this should be included. If possible, take photographs of any damage to the vehicles involved in the accident, as this may come in handy later. Some experts recommend trying to take notes as quickly as possible, since it is easy for the memory to become jarred or confused after a traumatic shock to the system such as an accident.

A road accident claim allows an insurance company to determine its liability in the matter. If a non-filing party was responsible for the accident, the insurance company may be able to reclaim expenses from the insurance group of the culprit. The person filing may need to include estimates of damages to vehicles, receipts for any vehicle repairs or medical attention received, and statements from doctors about potential future costs stemming from injuries. This information is not always necessary in the initial filing, but will likely come up as the insurance company attempts to determine its final costs.



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