How do I File a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

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If you have experienced a motorcycle wreck, you should file a motorcycle accident claim as soon as possible in order to help pay for any medical bills or property damage that you have sustained. The first step is to collect as much information as you can from the driver of the other vehicle involved, as this should help your motorcycle accident claim move faster. You should then contact your insurance company so that a representative can begin working on your case. If you find that the other driver either does not have insurance coverage, or their insurance company is refusing to cover your expenses, it may be time to hire a personal injury lawyer.

It is important to collect certain information just after the accident occurs, starting with the contact information of the other driver. You should also obtain the name of their insurance company, and the make, model, and license plate number of their car. If there are any witnesses to the crash, you are advised to collect their contact information, and request a written statement of what they observed. In many cases, the police will show up and complete this task for you, in which case you should obtain a copy of the statement, the police report, and a copy of any tickets that the other driver received. Additionally, it is a good idea to take pictures of any injuries or vehicle damage as a result of the crash.


The next step is to file your motorcycle accident claim with your insurance company. Most companies will allow you to either call them or complete an online form on their website, typically at any time of day. A representative should then contact you during business hours so that you can discuss the details of the case, including how the wreck occurred and what information you have to help the motorcycle accident claim move along. In most cases, an adjustor will be sent out to look at your vehicle in order to determine the cost of the repairs, or whether it can be repaired at all.

Sometimes the insurance company of the other driver refuses to pay for damages, or it turns out that the driver does not have insurance at all. In either case, you may have to hire an accident attorney in order to cover costs from injuries or damage to your motorcycle. In this case, you can likely still use the information collected for your motorcycle accident claim, since having pictures, copies of the police report and any tickets, and driver and witness information can help you win your case. You should be able to make an appointment for a consultation with a lawyer to find out whether you have a strong case, which may result in getting your medical bills and vehicle damages paid for.



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