How do I Ensure Safe Weight Loss?

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There are countless people who want to lose weight, ranging from those hoping to shed just a few pounds to those who need major weight loss. Some people opt for unsafe methods of losing weight. For example, some people follow fad diets that not only limit the number of calories they consume, but also limit the nutrients their bodies must have to continue functioning properly. Others may use pills or extreme exercise to shed unwanted weight. Many people experience better success and steady weight loss, however, by employing safe weight loss methods; this often includes working with a nutrition professional to structure a proper diet and scheduling time with a personal trainer to develop an exercise routine.

The first thing a person may do to ensure safe weight loss is talk to his doctor or a nutritionist. Either of these professionals may help an individual to determine the number of daily calories he needs to consume to lose weight and protect his health. For example, some people may attempt to follow 1100-calorie diets when their bodies actually need a minimum of 1200 calories to function optimally. Reducing caloric intake too much can leave a person feeling depleted and may even lead to serious health problems.


The number of calories an individual needs to consume varies from person to person. In determining the minimum number, a doctor or nutritionist may consider the person’s current weight, age, gender, and activity level. Those who are less physically active tend to need fewer calories. There are also some online calculators that help a person to estimate his daily caloric needs. People are often advised not to reduce their daily intake below 1200 calories.

Once a person knows how many calories he needs each day, he should aim to consume enough to support his body. If, for example, an individual needs 1200 calories for body function but can expect to burn 1500 calories each day, he may choose to consume 1200 calories and possibly lose weight at a rate of about two and a half pounds (1.3 kilograms) per month. Alternatively, he may consume 1300 calories and lose a little more than a pound and a half (630 grams) each month.

Adding exercise into a dieter's daily routine can give a dramatic boost to his safe weight loss plan. For example, an individual may exercise for 30 minutes per day and burn 250 calories. By also reducing his caloric intake by 250 calories, he may shed one pound (453 grams) per week. In fact, exercise may be the best safe weight loss answer for those who have trouble dieting. Instead of dramatically reducing his calorie intake, a person could aim to eat healthy, well-balanced meals and then commit to exercising vigorously for at least an hour per day, possibly losing a pound (453 grams) per week this way.



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