How do I Ease Back Pain?

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A plethora of things can ease back pain, including light exercise, getting a good night’s sleep, and losing weight. Natural supplements such as flaxweed oil and vitamin C also have their uses. Most proven methods are natural remedies for back pain, requiring no prescription drugs. It is highly recommended to see a doctor for a professional diagnosis on what may be causing the pain, however.

Some doctors recommend calcium and magnesium, flaxweed oil, or vitamin C to ease back pain. Glucosamine and zinc can be helpful, too. See the vitamin bottle for proper dosage, but talk with a doctor before adding a natural supplement to your daily diet. Trying out several supplements individually may prove beneficial, as what positively affects one person might not affect you.

Applying an ice pack or heating pad on the area is another home remedy to ease back pain. Heating pads are best for muscle spasms or cramping. Muscle spasms are likely caused by exercising while dehydrated, which can happen during a sports activity, jogging, or just overworking yourself in a hot room. An ice pack is best used for inflammation to reduce swelling caused by a back sprain or other injury.


Light exercise or simple yoga can strengthen and stretch the back muscles for faster healing. Being sedentary worsens some types of back pain. It can also weaken the back muscles, making you more prone to injury in the near future. Gently stretch and exercise, being careful to avoid bending so much that it causes pain. In addition, taking a body works class can teach you more exercises for easing back pain, including ways to slowly increase flexibility.

Sleeping rejuvenates the body, repairing stressed muscles more rapidly than when you are awake. Unsupported sleeping positions can aggravate back pain, leaving the back just as painful in the morning. Experiment with pillows, placing one or more under the knees and head until the spine is in a neutral alignment. Proper pillow placing allows the body to repair itself in a minimally stressful sleeping position, helping ease back pain by the next morning.

In some cases, slowly losing weight in a healthy fashion can also ease back pain. The spine is not designed to handle the weight especially overweight or obese people carry. In other cases, however, you do not have to be overweight for some of your body weight to cause back pain. Very large breasts are also linked to back aches, but many women do not make the connection between their pain and their breasts. Consulting a health professional to diagnose the exact problem is usually a wise choice, however.



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