How Do I Earn IT Specialist Certification?

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To earn IT specialist certification, you will need to identify a reputable certifying body, learn its requirements, and meet them in order to apply for certification. You should also determine, perhaps with the help of your employer, the types of certifications that you need to earn. The requirements for obtaining IT specialist certification vary according to the standards set by each certifying organization, and they typically involve passing a proctored exam that tests your expertise and knowledge in a particular area of IT. In some cases, you may be able to take and pass these exams without taking additional coursework, though completing formal training may increase your chances of earning your IT specialist certification.

There are several organizations that certify IT specialists, some with a better reputation than others. Do some research by talking to IT professionals and reviewing job descriptions to determine which certifications have the most prestige in your country or industry. You should also speak to your employer about which IT specialist certification makes the most sense for you to earn. Your employer may want you to complete several certifications or may want you to just focus on one.

Review the certifications offered by the respected certification bodies in your area. If cost is a factor, you may wish to select the certification that costs the least to pursue, though you should balance this with the prestige of the certification and the logistics of completing the necessary requirements. Learn which exams you must pass in order to earn the IT specialist certification. In some cases, you may need to pass only one exam, while other certifications require you to pass several exams. If you are concerned that you will need additional training prior to taking the exam, you should ask the certification body about whether any approved preparation courses exist. Enroll in whatever courses are necessary to prepare you for the certifying exam or exams.

Even if you don't complete a preparation course, it may be to your advantage to speak to those who have already earned IT specialist certification to get advice on how to effectively approach the exam or exams that you need to take. You will typically need to register for the exam through the certifying organization. Exams are typically proctored, which means that you will need to take the exam in person under the supervision of someone approved by the certifying body. Some certifying organizations utilize the services of professional psychometric businesses to proctor examinations. If this is the case, you can typically find a list of scheduled exams on the proctor’s website and register for them directly through the proctor. After taking the exam, you’ll usually be informed as to whether you have passed and achieved your IT certification.


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