How do I Earn an Online CPR Certification?

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An online CPR certification can be earned through any number of providers. When looking for an online CPR certification provider, find one that follows the latest guidelines, such as those provided by the American Heart Association® and American Red Cross® in the US. Be advised that although you can earn online CPR certification, it comes with certain caveats. Online certification may not be accepted by certain employers, so if you are taking a course for work, check with your employer before beginning. During the online training, you will likely be supplied with printable posters and reference guides to reinforce the online CPR certification training, but there will be no hands-on sessions with training mannequins.

If you’re a lifeguard, have your own pool, or just want to be prepared should a life-threatening crisis arise, you can take an online CPR certification course to learn or enhance valuable life-saving skills. Most lifeguards are required to take at least "blended" course, however, which can include online CPR sessions but must include a hands-on component and testing by a certified provider. If you’re looking to earn basic online CPR certification, the training imparted during an online CPR certification course can almost certainly provide enough information that an individual could offer assistance in the event of an emergency. The courses can be taken at your own pace, and following completion, you must pass a test.


According to the American Heart Association® knowing how to perform CPR could mean the difference between life and death, because more than 80 percent of all cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital setting. When an individuals’ heart stops beating, time is of the essence — an individual can survive for up to four minutes without risking serious and permanent damage. CPR helps circulate oxygenated blood to the victim’s heart and brain. In many instances, it can take more than four minutes for an emergency vehicle and trained personnel to arrive on scene, so the application of CPR can substantially increase an individuals’ chance for survival.

Many online CPR certification courses begin with a history of the procedure before going into the medical mechanics of what providing life support offers a stricken individual. During the course of study, you will also be introduced to the basics of the human circulatory system and what to expect during an emergency situation. Individuals will likely be taught how to access the scene, gauge the situation, and administer an appropriate response.

Online CPR certification courses offer step-by-step lessons and first aid instruction which are explained in lay terms. Quizzes are usually administered following each section of study, and those pursuing the certification often have access to online support and printable charts detailing the CPR steps. Once an individual successfully completes the online CPR certification, he can print a wallet card and a certificate.



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