How do I Earn an Advertising Degree Online?

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The increased availability of technology and low price computers have changed education, allowing students to earn an advertising degree online. There are four items that must be completed to achieve this goal: qualify for admissions, have the technology skills required, select the appropriate school, and be self-motivated. An advertising degree program is typically pursued by people who want to work in the advertising industry. This may include roles as a sales representative, commercial adviser, account manager, or starting his or her own advertising firm. The ideal candidate is creative, disciplined, highly observant, and has a good understanding of human behavior and how to influence it.

Admission requirements for an advertising degree online are fairly standard: a high school diploma with courses in English and technology. Many people also have courses in visual arts, accounting, or graphic design. While these courses provide a good background, they are not required when applying for admissions. Instead, the primary focus is on the overall average. Some schools require an essay or interview to help evaluate the best candidates, especially if the number of qualified applicants exceeds the room available in the program.


Online degrees are completed using the Internet. Students must have a personal computer, reliable access to the Internet, and computer skills. The instructor creates the course material, assignments, and lectures, which are posted to a central website. Students log in to access this information, submit homework, and complete tests. Typing speeds of at least 65 words per minute and a basic understanding of how technology works make a huge difference in the effectiveness of this type of program.

When looking at advertising degree online options, check the details carefully. Make sure that the school is an accredited university. Only courses from an accredited school can be transferred to other post-secondary schools or programs. In addition, a non-accredited school is not accountable to any oversight body. This may have an impact on the quality of training provided. If the school claims to be accredited, take the time to validate this independently before paying any fees.

Many people feel that it is easier to complete an advertising degree online. While it is true that less time is spent commuting and waiting for classes, online students must have a higher level of self-motivation, discipline, and focus. Many students find that without the social structure of school, they are distracted with other aspects of life and are not making the time necessary to complete their school work. Talk with the admissions counselor to make sure that online learning is for you before registering.



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