How do I Develop a Positive Mental Attitude?

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Developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude may seem like an overwhelming task, but studies have shown that a positive mental attitude can improve physical health, increase performance, and help to improve all types of relationships. By focusing on keeping a positive outlook on life, regardless of current situations or concerns about future events, most people will notice significant changes in how other people react. Some useful tips in developing a positive mental attitude include focusing on positive aspects of people and situations, learning to associate only with people who are positive and kind, and feeling a sense of self-worth.

It is often difficult to find positive aspects of seemingly negative events, although this practice becomes dramatically easier with a little practice. For instance, if you were to suddenly lose your job, it would be tempting to look at that situation with fear and anxiety. Instead, try focusing on the opportunities that are now before you. You now have time to work on developing skills that will allow you to choose a position that you will find more enjoyable in the long run. This line of thinking can be applied to virtually any situation.


Choose your friends and other associations carefully. Maintaining a positive mental attitude is much easier if you remove as much negativity from your life as possible. If you regularly associate with people who are always complaining or only see the negative aspects of people or situations, it may be time to find a new set of friends. Positive people will help you see the good in everything around you. Soon you will find yourself smiling more and stressing less.

Realizing your own self-worth may be the most important tip in maintaining a positive mental attitude. Many people use a feeling of misguided guilt or worthlessness as weapons against themselves without even realizing it. Start to pay close attention to your positive qualities. If you are good at your job or have a particular talent, it is acceptable to feel proud of yourself. When people compliment you on something, accept the compliment and remember how it felt to hear something nice about yourself and hold onto that feeling.

Learning to be thankful can inspire a positive mental attitude. Each morning, before you even get out of bed, think of three things for which you are thankful. Repeat this exercise any time throughout the day that you find yourself feeling stressed. You may be amazed at how much of a difference this simple exercise can make. By focusing on things that make you feel truly thankful, you will surely start to see the world around you in a much more positive light.



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