How do I Develop a Customer Marketing Strategy?

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In the business world, it is very beneficial to develop a customer marketing strategy early so that all activities can be directed at growing the organization effectively and promoting products and services to the right consumers. Generally a company develops customer marketing strategies by understanding the uniqueness of its product or service in the marketplace, researching its target customers and strategically placing marketing where it will reach those target customers. After marketing has begun, it is important for a business to use feedback from customers to refine its marketing message.

The first step in the process of developing a good customer marketing strategy is to decide what makes the company unique or better than competitors. This is often determined by the products and services offered or it can be simply a matter of reviewing the organizational mission statement. Once the unique selling proposition is determined, then the marketing strategy can be created around it for more focused results.

Second in the process of creating an effective customer marketing strategy is studying the target market for your products and services. Before a marketing plan can be put into place, the target market of consumers needs to be researched, observed, and understood thoroughly. This gives a great deal of insight into consumer behavior, the types of customers to be served, customer perceptions, and trends in the market that can be used to get better results from a marketing and advertising campaign.


A third step to achieving a top performing customer marketing strategy is to identify the benefits of your products and services that meet special needs of your target market. Try to think of things from the customer’s point of view when thinking of ways in which products or services best address the needs of this target consumer market. Then make sure that all marketing efforts address these specific needs for the ultimate results in your customer marketing strategy.

Defining how you will market products and services to potential customers is then a critical aspect of designing a workable customer marketing strategy. By evaluating the data that was gathered previously during the research process, this will give a good idea as to where the target market looks for your products and services. That is where to start with constructing a marketing and advertisement plan to reach those consumers faster.

In addition to planning out the customer marketing strategy, then carrying it out on various levels, the most critical component to a marketing system is to gather feedback from consumers. This can take place in the form of live customer service calls, online polls, mailed-in survey forms, and other forms of feedback provided by customers. By using this information, the customer marketing plan can be adapted to better meet the needs and concerns of customers so that repeat sales and referrals take place in the future.



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