How do I Determine the Best Human Resources Strategy?

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Managing human resources can be a challenging task. While there are basic protocols that will apply in just about any company setting, there is still the need for the Human Resources Director to work with managers and other departmental personnel to make sure those protocols are implemented to best advantage.

One of the first errors that many well meaning human resources managers make is failing to see how an effective human resources strategy must fit into the overall culture of the company. This means taking into consideration the total picture of what is supposed to happen in the workplace. Knowing what drives the company on to success, whether it be market conditions, competition in the marketplace, or new technology, will make it easier to understand the environment in which employees labor. This knowledge will go a long way toward shaping HR protocols to best advantage.

Human resources planning must also take into account the need to define skills and capabilities needed to allow the company to achieve its goals. This often comes with understanding the way that competitors function, identifying what skills and abilities enhance their presence in the marketplace and what is holding them back from moving forward at a faster pace. This makes it possible to develop a human resources strategy that builds on what works in a given industry while also sidestepping factors that tend to be liabilities.


Along with the identification of skills and capabilities, a strong human tesources strategy also demands understanding what positions are necessary to move the company forward. While defining the scope of each position, it is also important to identify how many of those positions are necessary to keep production at optimum levels. Ideally, the best human resources strategy will allow for enough employees to generate quality goods and services without under-utilizing the assembled work force.

In many cases, developing the ideal human resources strategy requires assistance from outside the company. By making use of human resources consulting services, it is often possible to discover key elements that only an outsider would notice. A consultant can often bring a fresh perspective on even those elements that were already identified. In addition, making use of human resource outsourcing options can help a small company with limited capital to still create and implement the ideal human resources strategy that benefits employees and employers at the same time.



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