How do I Decorate a Living Room?

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To decorate a living room, consider these factors: the size of the room, the amount of natural light, the kind of furniture you'd prefer, and the decorating style. The size of the room will determine whether dark or light colors should be used on the walls, and will also influence the size of the furniture used. The first step is to measure the room. Then finish the floors and walls. This will form the base for any furniture or accessories that are acquired and moved into the room.

The size of your living room should determine the shade of paint used on the walls. Cool and light colors recede, creating an impression of light and space, while warm and dark colors have the opposite effect. A dark brown wall, for instance, would make a small, dark room look even smaller and darker, and painting the ceiling white and using another color for the walls creates an impression of height. If you have children a "wash and wear" paint can ensure that walls can be easily cleaned.

If you have hardwood flooring, decide whether it needs to be varnished or buffed. Doing this after the walls are painted, will save you from making a mess on newly cleaned or varnished floors. Tile generally does not require a lot of maintenance, but it is worth checking for any tiles that need to be replaced.


Now you can consider the type of living room you would like. This is where the measurements of the room come in handy. Large furniture in small spaces creates a cluttered look and can be impractical. When you decorate a living room, consider seating requirements. If you entertain guests frequently, for instance, you need adequate seating.

Considering the amount of natural light is also important, and you may find that additional lighting is needed. This can be done by installing wall lights or lamps, which make good focal points. If you are on a tight budget when you decorate a living room, consider lighter curtains, or blinds as these are an economical and simple way to let in natural light.

Any accessories used to decorate a living room should match the furniture and color scheme of the room. Use neutral colors as a base, and add just a splash of color here and there with accessories. Throw pillows and ornaments are a good way of adding color and can be replaced easily and inexpensively when you are ready for a change.



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@spotiche3- Tell your brother to shop for living room furniture at thrift shops, antique stores, and yard sales. He should be able to find some good deals while making his home look cozy and attractive.

Since he has hardwood floors, he should try to find tables, shelves, and cabinets that are made of the same type and color of wood. These should be easy to find used, and can be repaired and refinished if necessary. Matching all of the wood in his living room will make it look as if he spent a lot of money decorating it even though he shopped on a budget.

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@spotiche5- Your brother should purchase an area rug with bright colors to serve as a focal point for his living room. He can play off some of the colors in the rug by matching them with curtains and throw pillows. A fresh coat of paint that also ties into this color scheme will make the room inviting and stylish.

These are all inexpensive ways to make his living room look like he put a lot of thought into designing it.

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I am helping my brother decorate his living room on a tight budget. He has has nice hardwood floors, which is a great asset for his small room. Does anyone have some other tips for making his living room look great without spending a lot of money?

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