How do I Deal with Closet Clutter?

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Dealing with closet clutter can start simply with setting a time to do it and following through with the task. Often it can appear overwhelming to tackle an abundance of accumulated “stuff,” but getting started by visualizing the completed project generally is helpful. When a closet is filled to the extent that it is difficult to find things, add things, and remove things, having a clear plan for de-cluttering also may help.

When trying to deal with closet clutter, it is likely that items need to be removed from the closet in order to make space. Sorting items into piles, maybe even by removing everything and starting with an empty space, generally makes the work more manageable.


When starting an organizing project, doing a quick purging typically helps. By taking a look through the closet clutter, whether still in the closet or pulled out into the room, it can be satisfying to grab items that are no longer wanted and toss them into a pile for disposal or donation. If a closet is used mostly for clothing, shoes, and accessories, it may help to evaluate an item based on how often it is worn or if it has been worn at all over a set period of time. If something has not been used in a period of a year, for example, that item can be sold to a reseller or donated to a charity. This method can be used in closets with stored games and toys, sporting equipment, and hobby supplies as well.

After getting rid of items that are not used frequently, a next step might be asking key questions about the remaining items. Some professional organizers simplify the closet clutter problem by encouraging people to ask whether they love an item, use it, or find it necessary. If something is thought to be merely middle-of-the-road or rarely used it, it can probably go to someone else who may appreciate it more. Whether an item is something the owner would prefer to have hidden in a closet or not seen by others — such as a holey T-shirt or water damaged stuffed animal — is another consideration. It could be time to dispose of such items altogether.

Sometimes just sorting the contents into piles can be motivating in dealing with closet clutter. If a decision can be made about something right away, whether to keep it, donate it, or dispose of it, make piles in those three categories. A fourth pile may be one that has items for further consideration. After some items are cleared out, it is simpler to assess the things in the fourth pile into a keep or out category. When this process is complete, hopefully there will be room for seeing, using, and enjoying kept items without the crowding.



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I have two shoe racks on my closet floor that help me keep track of my shoes. This also looks neater than just having them sprawled on the floor. If you have the space you can also use closet cubbies to keep your shoes together.

You can purchase portable storage that hangs from your clothes rod that will also give you more space if you don't want to keep things on the floor. This is also a good way to keep seasonal items separate.

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One easy way to remember if you have worn an item of clothing or not is by the way you hang them on the hangers. Place all of your hangers on the rod facing the same way. Then when you wear something, place the hanger the other way. After a few months you will easily see which clothes you don't wear.

This is one way to keep your closet space neat and tidy. When you do this on a regular basis, it makes it much easier to decide which clothes you want to keep and which ones you should get rid of.

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Living in a climate where we have four distinct seasons actually helps me with my closet clutter. I don't have room in my small bedroom closet for clothes for every season, so am forced to go through and sort my clothes every few months.

I don't like having a cluttered closet where I can't find anything, so try to follow the rule of getting rid of something if I have not worn it in a year. I don't always get rid of them right away, but put them in a bag to give away. If I haven't thought about that item of clothing for a few months, then I give it away.

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