How do I Deal with a Cyber Bully?

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Dealing with a cyber bully or any type of hostile behavior online should be done rationally and not in a hasty manner. It's not a good idea to reciprocate with hostile behavior or threats when being harassed on the Internet by a cyber bully. Gather any pertinent facts or clues to help identify the person who has been exhibiting threatening behavior or intimidating you.

If you are a minor or school-age child it's best to discuss the situation with an adult, such as a parent or authority figure. A school guidance counselor or teacher should be alerted, especially if the suspect is a student. If you're being teased or ridiculed, this form of intimidation should be dealt with in a correct and effective manner. Any physical threats made against you should be reported as well.

You should never attempt to retaliate with aggressive or threatening behavior. This could provoke an even more serious situation that could quickly become dangerous. Threats of violence need to be reported to authorities and substantiated with evidence.

You should be aware of Internet safety while you are online. Never provide personal data, such as your full name, place of residence, or telephone number to an unfamiliar person over the Internet. This could potentially lead to cyber stalking.


By not provoking the cyber bully further and choosing not to respond aggressively, you will be more in control of the situation. If you have received threatening emails or any type of improper and unsolicited images, do not delete them. You should save them to a folder where they will not become lost, as you may need these for identifying the perpetrator.

If you have received emails that are violent or threatening, or if you have been victimized by harassment through text messages, attempt to block messages from the sender. If it happens again under a different name, you may need to take more aggressive measures. If the harassment becomes worse, gather any information you have and report all incidents to the police.

Remember, there are resources that may help you deal with a cyber bully. Software can be customized for your computer to document any harassment occurring online. If you do an online search, you may find computer programs to help you keep track of suspicious behavior and aggression targeted at you.

If all else fails, you may want to consider legal action. Knowing your rights and having someone represent you in a court of law could be necessary. In many cases, a lawyer will not charge a consultation fee for such services.



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