How Do I De-Frizz Hair?

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You can de-frizz hair by keeping it well moisturized, getting a haircut on a regular basis, and using de-frizz products before drying your hair. Dry hair tends to frizz the most because it is very susceptible to static and it is not at its healthiest. Sometimes getting a haircut can eliminate frizz too, because split ends can look like frizz at first glance. Applying an anti-frizz product when your hair is still wet and letting it dry naturally or blow drying it can also help de-frizz hair. Lastly, remember that touching your hair, brushing it, and rubbing it against a towel or other material can increase the amount of frizz.

Conditioning your hair makes it less likely to frizz in the first place. Many hair stylists recommend deep conditioning once every one to two weeks. Deep conditioning involves leaving a special conditioner on your hair for at least 10 minutes. Some people choose to leave deep conditioners on their hair overnight while they sleep to eliminate having to wait for the conditioner to do its job before rinsing. The best deep conditioners help de-frizz hair by adding moisture, so avoid conditioners with drying or harmful ingredients.


Take note of where your hair is frizziest. If your goal is only to de-frizz the ends of your hair, you might have a lot of split ends. Split ends are not limited to the very ends of your hair; they can continue to split up the hair shaft until all your hair is split. This is unlikely to happen unless you have neglected to get a haircut ever, but the best way to prevent split ends from continuing to split is to remove them. Get a haircut every three to six weeks to keep your hair at its healthiest.

Use anti-frizz products before drying your hair. Whether you air dry or blow dry, an anti-frizz product can help your locks stick together rather than frizz. As a bonus, many products meant to de-frizz hair can also moisturize or add gloss. To apply an anti-frizz product, remove excess water from your hair with a towel and then rub some product between your hands. Gently use your hands to comb the product through your hair.

A mistake many people make it touching their hair. Once your hair is styled, try not to brush or touch it unless absolutely necessary. A hair brush or towel can create static and your hands have natural oils on them that might mess up your style.



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