How Do I Cultivate the Essential Skills of a Salesperson?

An effective salesperson will possess various skills that enable him or her to effectively communicate with customers. Aside from communications skills, however, the skills of a salesperson will often include exceptional time management, organizational skills, and an ability to process complex information so he or she can synthesize it into simpler terms and concepts. Perhaps one of the most important skills of a salesperson, however, is an exceptional ability to listen carefully to the needs and questions posed by the customer. Sales isn't always about talking; in fact, it's usually more about listening and then accommodating.

It is possible to take a class that will teach you the skills of a salesperson; such courses are often focused on developing speaking and listening skills, which are both vital for success in sales. Classes may also teach you how to thoroughly research the products so you can present yourself as an expert when it comes to selling the product or service. A good salesperson is able to listen to the customer's needs, process that information, and present an argument for convincing the customer why his or her product or service will make the customer's life easier or in some way better.

You may also cultivate the essential skills of a salesperson by taking an entry level sales job and trying your hand at it. Retail positions are often great ways to improve your sales skills and learn more about your own strengths and weaknesses. As part of a retail team, you will learn about various products and have an opportunity to educate customers about these product on a daily basis. Retail positions generally do not pay well, but they will give you valuable work experience you will need when applying for higher paying salesperson jobs with more responsibility.

The best salespeople know that the skills of a salesperson should always be changing. Learning from others is the best way to improve your skills, even if you are the most seasoned salesperson on a team. Observe other salespeople and constantly listen for changing strategies, new approaches, and the utilization of new technology. No one simply becomes the best salesperson; he or she will constantly work at it and adapt to changing customer needs and moods. Know the market well; educate yourself constantly so you know what people are looking for, why they want it, and how much they are willing to pay for it.


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I like salespeople who are not desperate to make a sale but who just want to help the customer understand the product and whether it is the best choice for them. Salespeople who are too pushy have an opposite affect on me. Even if I was interested in the purchase, I back off. Those who are more easy-going and just generally helpful are better at making sales to me.

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@ddljohn-- I can imagine that it's difficult. But don't give up, I think you can do it.

One thing I've noticed about successful salespeople over the years is that they don't get defeated. There are bound to be bad experiences but you have to keep at it and don't let your mood fall. Stay positive and friendly. Door to door sales is especially difficult because people are relaxing at home and don't want to listen to someone at the door. So you have to grab their attention and you have to be likeable. They need to want to listen to what you have to say.

A lot of it is personal skills. And I think that people who are positive, kind and who look happy about what they're doing are more successful.

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I've started working as a salesperson part time for some extra income. I didn't have experience in it before and I must say that it's a bit a challenging for me. I go door to door and people are generally not interested. I don't know how to get them to listen to me, I get a lot of doors closed on my face. Since the income is based on the number of sales, it looks like I won't be able to continue for long.

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