How do I Create a Home Office in a Small Space?

Creating a home office in a small space is easy with proper planning and design. An adequate office typically requires electricity, phone service, lighting, and a desk area. These minimal requirements can easily fit in small areas throughout the home including closets, small nooks, basements, and bedrooms.

Equipment and desk space are the two primary factors in building a home office in a small space. Depending on the requirements for the business, an office area can be as small as a wall space with shelves or a filing cabinet. The office should be isolated in an area of the home that keeps the work material safe and private.

Many start-up companies require a home office in a small space. This office provides an area to manage the daily operations of the company. Having an area to process phone calls and complete project paperwork is typically sufficient for a small home office.

One of the issues with a home office is finding an area with privacy from the family. If the office is located in the general living area, the individual could find himself distracted by family and friends. Creating an area that is isolated may offer better results for many individuals. It can be designed with small walls, screens, or shelving partitions to provide some privacy.


If privacy is more critical, the office area should be isolated in a corner or enclosed area. This can be accomplished by using large privacy screens or a small closet. Creating an isolated environment requires partitioned walls that can hide the location from general access.

A small nook in the wall can be enough space for a home office. This provides a small area for a desk, phone, computer, and shelving. When configuring a home office in a small space, it is important to keep the area free from clutter. This keeps the space efficient and clean.

Building a home office in a small space requires efficient space design techniques. Using a desk with built-in shelves can provide more space in a smaller area. The work area will typically require a desk and chair but can easily fit within a 4-foot space (approximately 1.21 meters). The deck should also include built-in file cabinets that can protect and lock private information.



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