How Do I Create a Garage Workshop?

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The garage is a space that is often used for more than just storing a vehicle or other household items. You can turn this versatile space into a garage workshop, but you will need to do a fair amount of planning before you begin. First and foremost, you will need to decide what kinds of activities you will do in the garage workshop. This will determine the layout, accessories, and safety equipment you will need to build into the plan. You will also need to do a bit of research to find out if any local building regulations or laws will apply to your project; you may need to secure a building permit.

Once you have determined what you will do in the garage workshop, think carefully about how to use the space most effectively. If, for example, you intend to use the garage workshop to work on a car, you will need plenty of open space on all sides of the vehicle. Tools will therefore need to be stored on walls or in out of the way toolboxes. Pegboard is a great way to store tools while still keeping them accessible; pegboard is essentially particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF) with regularly spaced holes drilled through it. Hooks can be placed in those holes, and tools hung from the hooks.


If welding or any other machining that causes sparks will be performed in the garage workshop, you will need to ensure the space is as fireproof as possible. A concrete floor is best for this application, so if your garage does not already have one, you may need to pour a concrete slab; this may not be necessary if the floor is dirt, but it is still a good idea for stability and safety.

Workbenches are vital pieces in any garage workshop. Make sure you build a workbench that is appropriately sized and stable enough to handle the jobs you will perform on it. Place the bench in a logical spot in the shop; there should be plenty of light available above the workbench. If there is not, consider installing additional lighting in this area. Think, too, about ventilation, especially if you will be doing woodworking or any job that creates exhaust or particulate matter. Windows are a good way to increase ventilation, but you may need to install an air exchanger system to ensure fresh air in the shop at all times.



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A pegboard is an important and easy way to organize a garage.

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