How do I Conquer Fear?

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Determining how to conquer fear will often depend on the actual source of the fear. Sometimes fears are based on real threats that you must react to, and in those situations, the best way to conquer the fear might be to respect it and remove yourself from the threat. In other cases, fears are based on irrational beliefs, and you may be able to deal with these fears by gaining a better understanding of reality so that those beliefs are replaced. There are also several therapeutic methods that can help people deal with fears, and some people may even take medications in order to conquer fear.

Fear is a natural instinct, and without it, we wouldn’t necessarily act with enough urgency in dangerous situations. Sometimes people may think that they need to conquer fear, but in reality, their fear might be perfectly natural and justified. There are times when our subconscious mind has a better idea about a potentially dangerous situation than our conscious mind, so it can be important to fully understand the source of a fearful thought before we immediately dismiss it.


One of the best ways to deal with irrational fears is simply to take a deep breath and try relaxing your body. Fear causes a physical reaction, and if we can lessen the physical feeling that fear creates, sometimes the mind will also calm down. Some people use breathing exercises and yoga to gain the kind of relaxation that can potentially soothe away anxiety, while other people simply retreat to a quiet place and try to gain a sense of perspective.

A therapeutic method called exposure is often recommended to deal with many phobias. With this technique, a person will gradually expose himself to fear purposefully, thereby attempting to desensitize his mind. An example would be a person with a fear of dogs first exposing himself to a small puppy in a cage, then removing it from the cage, and then gradually exposing himself to larger dogs as he gets more comfortable. This technique can work very well, but in some cases, people may need supervision and support from another person to help them face the situations.

There are many medicinal options for treating chronic anxiety, but these will not necessarily conquer fear all by themselves. They usually simply lessen the physical reaction to fear or help a person relax, and they don’t actually change a person’s inner beliefs. Some very strong drugs might help a person completely ignore her fear, but usually, these kinds of medications are too strong for everyday use, so they aren’t prescribed.



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