How do I Clean a Crawl Space?

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The importance of maintaining a crawl space cannot be overemphasized. In order to thoroughly clean a crawl space, the area needs to be checked for mold. If anything is stored in the crawl space it should be removed because the moisture present will cause mold to grow on these items. Use detergent, a hard bristled brush, and safety goggles when cleaning. Allow the crawl space to dry for a full day before fixing any problems caused by the mold.

In order to properly clean a crawl space, it is important to look for mold. One of the biggest problems with crawl spaces is mold that causes foul odors and structural damage if left untreated. Mold is generally caused by dampness in the crawl space and can be found on debris and floor joists. This mold must be located and eliminated to fully clean a crawl space.

All items in the crawl space should be removed, cleaned, and stored elsewhere in the home. It is generally a bad idea to use a crawl space for storage. This is because the moisture found in the crawl space causes mold to grow on anything that is stored there.

Supplies for cleaning a crawl space include a mold test kit, disposable gloves, and safety goggles. Use the mold test kit to determine the level of mold within the crawl space. If the level is extremely high, a professional cleaning company should be contacted.


If the mold is at a manageable level, it is possible to clean a crawl space as long as precautions are taken. Whoever is performing the cleaning task should ensure that no skin is left exposed. This means long sleeved clothing and gloves are required. Before attempting to clean a crawl space, put on the safety goggles and a mask.

Take a brush with hard bristles, warm water, and detergent and start scrubbing the surface of the crawl space. It is important to scrub hard because the mold will not be easy to remove. It usually takes a gallon of very warm water mixed with a standard sized cup of bleach to git rid of heavy mold.

The area must be allowed to completely dry. This will normally take up to 24 hours. Once the crawl space is dry, the process of repair can begin. It is likely that the mold and moisture caused a certain amount of harm to the crawl space. If this damage is not repaired, the structural issues that already exist could worsen.



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