How Do I Choose the Best Yoga Bra?

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Choosing the best yoga bra is similar to buying a sports bra, since some common forms of yoga are essentially low impact exercises. Proper fit is the most important aspect, but it is also an aspect of buying a bra that many people get wrong. Some of the best bras are also designed to pull moisture away from a person’s body for maximum comfort and minimum time spent drying. In addition, a pull-over bra or sports top with a built-in bra might be trendy, but it is usually not a particularly supportive yoga bra. Effective sports bras often resemble an everyday bra, complete with clasps in the front or back.

If you have not had a professional bra fitting since recent weight loss or gain, menopause, or child birth, this is a good place to start. Many women wear the wrong bra size, and this mistake can lead to a painful breast injury. During exercises like yoga, improperly supported breasts can move too much or restrict a woman's ability to breathe. Getting a professional bra fitting reduces the odds of wearing a poorly fitted bra. Many underwear stores no longer ask the customer to remove their clothing to measure, so you can complete a fitting within seconds.


Consider choosing a moisture-wicking fabric instead of the common cotton yoga bra. Moisture-wicking fabrics draw sweat and water away from your body and into the fabric, where it can dry quickly. Synthetic fabrics can be treated to become moisture-wicking, and some natural materials, like wool, wick moisture without treatment. Yoga bras that do not wick away moisture can become heavy with sweat and become difficult to remove. In addition, a yoga bra that is heavy with sweat or water can begin to chafe under the arms or breasts.

Shop for a yoga bra that resembles an actual bra rather than a pull-over compression top. Women who have A or B cups can sometimes settle for a compression bra, but such bras are not supportive enough for some B cup and larger breasts. A rule of thumb for getting the best yoga bra is to look for bras with multiple clasps or a zipper rather than layers of pull-over fabric. Six or more clasps can be intimidating but are necessary to provide the best fit for most cup sizes. In most cases, the clasps are located at the front of the bra since the snug fit prevents the bra from being clasped, then pulled over the head.



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Post 3

What's the best yoga bra for large breasts?

Some women do yoga without bras, but unfortunately, my breasts are too large for that. They will surely get in the way during some poses.

Post 2

@SarahGen-- I see your point of view and it sounds like you have the right yoga bra for you.

I personally use a bra made of moisture-wicking fabric because I have a history of skin yeast infections. If my skin remains wet, I can get another infection. Both regular yoga and hot yoga makes me sweat a ton. It's good for my body because it removes toxins but it's not good for my skin.

So I wear a bra and a shirt made of moisture-wicking fabric when I do yoga. The fabric pulls perspiration to the top layer of the fabric from where it evaporates.

Post 1

I don't really care about the shape of the sports bra I wear for yoga, as long as it's fitting me and feels comfortable. Since yoga positions are so varied and require a lot of stretching, I need a bra that is not going to be too tight or too loose. It has to give me support without pain.

I'm using a soft, cotton sports bra right now. Cotton absorbs sweat so I'm not wet throughout the session. I don't need the sweat on the bra to dry immediately because I shower after each yoga session. I also have three of the same bra so I always wash it after use. Plus, cotton is the most comfortable fabric ever.

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