How do I Choose the Best Wooden Glider?

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When choosing a wooden glider, the most important features to consider are the aesthetic quality of the glider and the durability of the materials used to make it. Many people choose to keep gliders on their porches and patios. Some even keep them in their gardens. Not only does a wooden glider have to fit in well with its aesthetic surroundings, but it also has to be able to stand up to the elements in those surroundings. A wooden glider that will be kept on a patio, for example, will need a much more durable finish than a glider that will be kept in a sunroom.

There is not a great deal of variation in the design of wooden gliders. Most are similar in size and construction. The differences among them usually have to do with the finishes or paints that are used to cover them and the shapes of the backs. The most common shape for the back of a wooden glider is a straight, slatted back. There are variations, however, in which the back of a wooden glider is made to look like the back of two Adirondack chairs, arranged side by side. Sometimes the back may have a unique cut-out pattern.


It is possible to find wooden gliders of unusual width. Some gliders are the same size as a love seat, which is ideal for small spaces. There are also wooden gliders that are meant to seat only one person, which are usually cushioned and are used much in the same way that an easy chair is used. This sort of glider that seats only one person is commonly used in sunrooms and on porches, much like most other gliders. Unlike other gliders, however, this sort of glider may also be used in an interior space such as a living room or den.

In most cases, a wooden glider comes without any cushions. There are some models, however, that do come with cushions or come with the option of ordering cushions to fit the glider. It is always possible to have cushions custom made. When choosing cushions for a wooden glider, it is best to use cushions that can stand up to a bit of dampness and won't lose their color in the sun. In instances of inclement weather, wooden glider cushions should be taken inside until the skies become sunny once again.



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