How Do I Choose the Best Women's Hair Piece?

The best hair pieces are often the most expensive, but also tend to last longer and look more natural. While many will insist that women's hair pieces made of real human hair look the most natural, there are high quality synthetics that look just as natural as real human hair. When you buy a women's hair piece that will not completely cover your natural hair, try to find one that either matches your own hair color or is just a shade or two lighter. For a woman with thinning hair, a hair piece can both help to cover bald and thinning spots, and help you to feel more confident in and comfortable about your appearance.

There are many different types of hair pieces, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Wigs, the type of women's hair piece most people are familiar with, completely cover the head, so you won't have to worry as much about finding one that matches your hair color and texture. Falls, which are clipped to the hair, can be used to fill in spots where the hair is thinning; a fall might be a good choice for a woman who doesn't want to entirely cover her natural hair, or who finds wearing wigs uncomfortable. Weaves, tracks of hair pieces that are usually sewn or glued in to your hair, can be pricey, but they usually look quite natural and last for up several months.

Which type of women's hair piece is best for you can depend on the amount of money you have to spend, how much hair you want to cover, and the time and effort you are willing to put into maintaining the hairpiece. A good looking, well-fitted wig can be quite expensive, and many woman choose to buy more than one so they have more options for styling. Wigs must be washed, brushed, and cared for like any other hair, and specialized shampoos are strongly recommended. Clip-on hair is usually easier to care for, but can look much less natural and can pull out and damage the hair. Weaves are more secure than falls, but are usually more expensive and take a lot of time to attach. They can also be more difficult to maintain and must be replaced periodically.

One big decision you must make when choosing a women's hair piece is between real human hair and synthetic hair. Quality synthetic hair pieces are easier to maintain than real hair pieces, may look just as natural, and are also usually much less expensive. Synthetic hair pieces, however, cannot be styled as easily, won't last as long, and probably won't feel natural against your skin. Hair pieces made of human hair feel natural, last quite a bit longer, and can be styled using blow dryers and curling irons. On the other hand, women's hair pieces made of human hair tend to be more expensive, and require more upkeep and maintenance.

When choosing a women's hair piece, look for something that is durable, and won't have to be replaced for a while. The hair piece should also be easy to clean and maintain. While buying hair pieces via catalog or online can be convenient, you won't get to try on the hair piece and make sure it is flattering to your skin tone and the shape of your face.


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