How do I Choose the Best Wireless Security Software?

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There are four primary items to look for when selecting the best wireless security software: firewall, virus protection, data encryption, and access control. Wireless security software is typically used when installing a wireless computer network. This type of network requires the use of a wireless router that transmits the network signal to the wireless card, which is connected to the computer or related device.

There are two driving factors behind the need for wireless security software: data protection and broadband usage. Typically, the data that users request via the Internet or a network can only be accessed through the use of a special program that is run when the data is transmitted over the network. Wireless networks allow users the freedom to work without a wired connection. However, this means that data is continually sent back and forth between the computer and the wireless router. A simple radio frequency device can detect an active signal, and a program can be used to access all the data sent via the wireless connection.


Internet service companies typically charge a flat rate for access to the Internet and have incremental costs for high volume users. A non-secured wireless system can be found and accessed by anyone with a computer and a wireless card. There is nothing to stop this unauthorized user from stealing your bandwidth for their own use. People who steal bandwidth are typically conducting illegal activity that they do not want traced back to them. For example, someone who is running a program to hack into a company's website would not want the police to track the activity back to them when the police search for the IP address owner.

When looking for a wireless security software product, make sure it includes a firewall and virus protection software. This type of software is designed to limited access to a specific series of Internet protocol (IP) address ranges, protect the system from unauthorized users, and detect malicious programs. There are several brand name firewall providers that will be able to meet most users' needs.

The wireless security software should ensure that all data transmitted between the router and the wireless device is encrypted. This will prevent people from accessing the data as it moves between the two technologies. Check the encryption level to make sure there is a range of options.

One of the best features of wireless security software is user management. This functionality allows the system administrator to issue user accounts and manage user rights. By requiring users to enter a name and password, the system is much more secure.



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