How Do I Choose the Best Wine Glass Set?

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Wine glasses come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. In order to choose the best set you will need to consider the kind of wine you want to drink from the glasses and whether you want glasses that are fairly plain or a set with more decorative elements. You also need to decide how many glasses you want. Setting a budget is also a good idea as the cost of a wine glass set can fluctuate greatly.

One of the first things to consider when choosing a wine glass set is what type of wine you drink or serve most often, as there are different types of glasses for different types of wine. Red wine glasses are usually wider and rounder, while white wine glasses are generally taller and narrower. A dessert wine calls for a different type of glass altogether as does champagne. When choosing a wine glass set, look for glasses that are best suited for the type of wine you most often serve or purchase a set of glasses that includes an assortment of wine glasses in several sizes.


The type and style of glasses is another factor to consider. Some of the options for glasses are stemless, cut crystal, colored glass stems, and etched glass. There are simple glasses, with little or no design as well as intricately cut glasses with a lot of detail. Choosing the design of the glasses depends upon your personal taste and preference. Begin by evaluating the different glasses available, and choose a set that you find visually appealing, has the desired number of glasses, and fits within your price range.

A wine glass set most often contains a set of glasses that are all identical. There are, however, sets available in which each glass is slightly different than the rest. The glasses all have the same general size and style, but each glass has one distinguishing feature that makes it distinctive, allowing wine drinkers to easily identify their glass at dinner or a party. For instance, each glass may have a different colored stem. This feature may appeal to some people, while others may prefer to have glasses that match.

The number of glasses in a wine glass set is something else to think about. A set of glasses can contain as few as two or as many as a dozen glasses. Consider how many glasses you normally use when entertaining to ensure that you choose a set, or multiple sets, to have enough glasses. A wine glass set that comes with a matching wine decanter is a bonus.



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