How do I Choose the Best Wholesale Mulch?

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There are several factors to considered when choosing the correct wholesale mulch. Such considerations include the type of mulch to be purchased, the amount needed, and the purpose of the product. Mulch is made from a variety of materials, and can be purchased in artificial colors if the consumer prefers. Some consumers prefer to use only organic or all natural mulching products in their gardens and yards, and those varieties can usually be found with little difficulty. Both bulk and bagged mulch can typically be bought from local home improvement stores or nurseries, and many offer delivery service for large orders.

Wholesale mulch is available in a wide assortment which vary by the type of material used to create the mulch, its organic composition, and its intended use. Many types of wood can be used in the production of mulch, and cedar is a very popular choice. It is also not unusual for wood trimmings of all wood types to be used in production. The wood based mulches are best used for the gardener that wants to provide some nutrition to the plants in addition to weed protection. Some mulch is made purely from rubber material, usually recycled tires, and is intended to provide weed resistant coverage for the landscaping only.


When purchasing wholesale mulch, it is also important for the consumer to consider how much product their yard or garden needs. Those people with a great deal of space to cover with mulch will likely want to purchase the product in bulk and use a large vehicle to move the mulch to the specific areas for coverage. Smaller planted spaces will not require as much product, and those consumers may be better served by purchasing bagged mulch. This type of mulch is usually packaged in 20 to 50 lb. (9.01 to 22.68 kilograms) bags, and can be easily moved around the yard. Some people prefer bagged mulch because it is more conveniently packaged, and is also less likely to end up in unwanted areas during the application process.

Before any type of wholesale mulch is chosen, the purpose of the product should be determined. Most gardening experts suggest non colored, wood-based mulch for any edible plants. Rubber mulch is not the best choice for vegetable gardens because some of the chemical components from the rubber may leach into the soil and the produce. The rubber mulch is often a good choice for flower beds, however, because it supplies excellent protection for grass and other weeds.



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