How Do I Choose the Best White Concealer?

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The best white concealer blends flawlessly with your skin with no visible edges, streaking or patchiness. Concealers with yellow tones work well on white skin, and concealers with green pigments can be used to counteract patches of redness. Choose a concealer according to its purpose, for example, liquid concealer works well under the eyes and solid stick concealer is effective on spots and blemishes. Test concealers before you make your purchase because they are usually non-returnable due to the risk of infection from bacterial contamination.

To choose the best white concealer, consider what you are covering. Liquid concealer can be applied easily under the eyes and blended with your finger. If your dark circles are particularly dark, then a thicker, creamier concealer could provide better coverage. Thicker concealers are available in stick form and are effective on spots, blemishes and scars.

A good white concealer contains yellow tones because skin is mostly made up of yellow colorings. Concealer containing green pigments is best for covering red patches, because green cancels out red tones. Do not use concealer testers on the back of your hand in an attempt to find a match, because your hand colorings differ from your face.


To prevent the spread of infection from using concealer testers in your beauty store, put a little concealer onto your finger and apply it to your neck by your ear. Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than the skin in this area as it should be a good match for your facial skin tone. Check that the concealer has enough power of coverage by applying it to the blue vein area on your wrist. If it hides your veins, you know it covers well. This also gives you a chance to feel the consistency of the concealer and assess whether it is the best for you.

Match concealer to your skin type. The best white concealer for oily skin will be a dryer, more powdery formula. Choose a moisture and vitamin enriched concealer if you have dry skin. The store assistant at your local beauty store will advise you on the most popular brands within your price range and provide testers to help you choose the best white concealer for you.

Beauty stores will not allow you to return concealer once it has been purchased because of the risk of contamination and infection, so it is important to buy the best white concealer the first time. Using the wrong concealer can emphasize spots and blemishes, so choose a concealer that blends well into your skin and with your existing foundation. There should be no visible edge to the concealer on your face. Obtain testers to take home with you if you can, to test how they last throughout the day.



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