How do I Choose the Best Whistleblower Lawyers?

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Filing a whistleblower statement with a government entity is a fairly straightforward process, but many unforeseen complications can result from attempting it without first contacting a team of whistleblower Lawyers. The same goes for any business defending such a claim; neglecting basic steps up front can result in numerous litigation nightmares and civil penalties down the road. Chances are good that there are several whistleblower lawyers in the business's immediate area, but each of these firms will have vastly different priorities when it comes to handling a case. It is vitally important for both sides to determine how much experience the whistleblower lawyers have within that particular industry, where they are licensed to practice law, and what their overall expectations are for the case.

While most whistleblower lawyers have ample experience in reading and interpreting such a statement, there may be terminology involved that certain firms would be more comfortable with than others. For example, if a statement was submitted about improper chemical levels within a manufacturing plant, a group of whistleblower lawyers that specialized in environmental concerns would be the obvious choice to defend such a claim. The same would be true for employees looking to draft such a statement; the largest benefit would come from whistleblower lawyers who know the industry inside out. If the lawyers do not list specialty areas within their literature or on their website, simply asking is normally the best route.


Many of these lawyers are certified to work in many different states, and this could prove to be a major advantage for the claimant or the defendant. While the alleged infraction may have occurred in one province, the case could potentially end up being heard elsewhere if a corporate office becomes involved. Some businesses even have their headquarters within a separate country because of tax benefits, so it is important that the whistleblower lawyers have knowledge of the proper procedure in both regions. If this step is neglected, the represented party could face a situation where a separate lawyer would have to be hired halfway through negotiations.

There are also many different belief systems when it comes to practicing law, and whistleblower lawyers are absolutely no different. Some firms may specialize in settling these matters outside of a courtroom while others may always seek litigation. Large firms may have many more contacts within the local government in order to expedite the claim, but choosing a small group of attorneys may grant the respondent more personalized attention. Each legal group will have different expectations on the best way to handle such a claim, and it is in each side's best interest to discuss this matter in length before signing any type of contract.



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