How Do I Choose the Best Whiskey Carafe?

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Choosing the best whiskey carafe means looking at the best and most relevant uses for these containers, and how they can complement an existing bar or other space. A carafe is a simple container, but for whiskey, these products are directly related to the common whiskey decanter. Both tend to be small, squarish glass bottles. The decanter has a glass top, cork, or other top piece, where a carafe frequently does not. Otherwise, these two products are very similar, although a whiskey or liquor carafe does tend to differ from a water carafe or other liquid holder.

One consideration for a whiskey carafe is its visual style. Many experts in liquors point out that the decanter or carafe does not generally alter the taste of the whiskey. Originally, decanters were made to help a pourer remove the sediment at the bottom of a bottle. These days, a whiskey carafe is useful chiefly for its visual appeal, and so the visual design is hugely important.

Those who are looking for the best whiskey carafe can also evaluate how much volume the container can handle. Part of shopping for a whiskey or liquor carafe depends on how much of the drink the main user will usually pour. For a simple home bar, a smaller model would be appropriate. As a carafe does not have a top, it is not intended to long term storage, but more for presentation while serving.

Shoppers also often look at some of the big names in the liquor industry, or some classic or traditional marques, when selecting the best whiskey carafe. This can help distinguish the classiest designs from others. Also, a brand name design can tend to carry more value.

Aside from the above, shoppers can also look for ease of use. The way that whiskey pours from a carafe is ultimately important. Inferior designs may not get a lot of use in the long run. The best carafes offer an easy, controllable flow that will help the user accentuate the class of a home or commercial bar.

Anyone who is buying a whiskey carafe for commercial use can also address whether a manufacturer could offer a model with branding opportunities. Custom designs can include a glass engraving of the name or logo of a bar or business. Home designs often offer monograms for the homeowner. In commercial use, getting proprietary displays onto this product can result in more visibility and positive association for customers.


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